Tails Are Wagging for DoggyBiome

We’re grateful to have helped over 30,000 pets and the humans who love them. Here’s what our customers are saying.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This product may have actually saved her life. I cannot thank you enough!”

Lennie’s Story

Skin & Coat

“Lennie battled with yeasty skin for years. It seemed to be seasonal, but it never fully went away. He would have yeasty ears, paws, and a yeasty belly. He’d get hives and welts on his body despite feeding a minimally processed + raw diet. The DoggyBiome FMT capsules (Gut Restore Supplement) have been a life changer for Lennie. His ears, paws, and belly are completely cleared of yeast and we have not had any breakouts with hives or welts on his body. We have never gone this long with his skin looking this good and we’ve been extremely happy and thankful for all the science, data, and products that DoggyBiome provides!”

Rebecca and Lennie 🐾 
IG: @landsharklennie

Zuki’s Story

Atopic Dermatitis

“Zuki suffered from atopic dermatitis. She had lost fur, her skin was red, and she constantly itched. Zuki was surrendered to us due to her skin problems. She was in a great deal of discomfort. She began with the fecal transplant capsules and we adjusted her diet. With diet changes, gut microbiome testing and microbiome therapy, Zuki made an incredible transformation. After two months, she was on her way to a healthy coat of fur, and her skin was no longer red. She was so much happier! Thank you DoggyBiome.”

DC Shiba Inu Rescue and Zuki 🐾 
IG: @dcshibainurescue

Emmy’s Story

IBD, Weight Loss

“Emmy had chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and she was rapidly losing weight. We tried diet changes and medications, but we couldn’t get her to stabilize until DoggyBiome’s products. After microbiome testing and the supplements, there was a turning point. Emmy had firm poops! Then she was gaining weight.” ❤️

Sandy and Emmy 🐾

River Gracie’s Story


“This has been a miracle for my pup. After getting her from a shelter at 8 months old, every 4-6 weeks we were at the vet for loose stools/diarrhea. She would get put on antibiotics for 1-2 weeks and it would work for a week or so but then right back to where we started. My vet did a big test on her and it came back as a possible gut bacteria issue. So I did my research, and found DoggyBiome. I got 2 Gut Tests and Gut Restore Supplements. I sent the test off and started her on the pills immediately. Within 24 hours I was already seeing a difference. We are 3 1/2 weeks in and she has regular bowel movements that have good consistency. I’m beyond happy and so is my dog. Her energy level is higher and she seems more content. Thank you”

Kyla and River Gracie 🐾 
IG: @river.grace_and_costa.bean

Daisy Mae’s Story

GI Issues, Bad Breath, Lethargy, Poor Appetite

The Gut Test is very comprehensive and really impressive! My dog showed some high bad bacteria, and low good bacteria. She had intermittent vomiting and rare occasional bloody diarrhea, along with bad breath, low energy, frequent nausea and poor appetite.

The first round of Gut Restore Supplement did improve her health, along with a change of diet, and supplements. The second Gut Test shows improvement, and she’s no longer having any problems with vomiting, nausea or diarrhea. One of the “bad” bacteria is no longer a problem. One is much lower. Along with the Gut Restore Supplement, I can not overstate how helpful and knowledgeable the DoggyBiome team is! The consult after the test with a team member is extremely helpful, concise, and they have answered every single question I have had, with a very quick response via e-mail.

After almost a year of tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to do to help my dog, she is now full of energy, has an extremely good appetite, and her bowel movements are perfect. Thank you!

Kim and Daisy Mae 🐾 

Quality Product & Team

“This product has been instrumental in providing a clear, consideration, report on the status/level of my pup’s bacteria related stomach issues. Simple to use and submit backed by an outstanding AnimalBiome team that go above and beyond in their support and guidance in supporting my efforts to improve my pup’s stomach bacteria problems.”

“Within days our dog’s diarrhea issues were resolved.”

“Our dog was having frequent diarrhea. We tried different food, medication, probiotics, everything we could think of. Our veterinarian recommended the DoggyBiome gut test and supplement. We sent the test sample in for analysis and then began the supplement. Within a few days our dog’s diarrhea issues were resolved. We were amazed at how thorough the test results were when we received them. We forwarded them to our Vet and made dietary changes based on the report. Our dog has not had any issues since! We highly recommend the test to determine if your dog is getting all the nutrients he/she needs and the supplement!”

Saved My Dog

Our little terrier mix Pupusa has Irritable Bowel/Pancreatitis which is a chronic condition. She used to have frightening and regular emergency visits to the vet. Since we started DoggyBiome a few years ago, that never happens anymore… She is also on a few other meds, but when we started DoggyBiome was when she stopped having emergencies, and I feel that DoggyBiome is the cornerstone of her wellness! I’m a big fan because this product SAVED MY DOG. I use it periodically with my other pets, for example, if they’ve had to go through a course of antibiotics.

Super Tasty!

I am a pooch with a discerning palate; these (ImmuneShield Chews) are good treats! I had a stomach bug recently and was a bit constipated when it passed. The treats helped with that. More importantly, they are super tasty. Usually if the treat is not meat or cheese, I’m not interested but when my person gives me one of these little nuggets, I dash to the next room in case she decides to take it back!

Awesome tool to get rid of my dog’s diarrhea.

about DoggyBiome™ Gut Health Test
Angela 10/09/21

“My dog had chronic intermittent diarrhea. The gut health test supplied me with info on which bacteria are present, which are missing, and in which amounts. Finally I knew what’s going on! I was able to address the imbalances, and his diarrhea is GONE! It told me exactly how to tailor his diet to his real needs, and don’t have to keep guessing what’s been going on. Awesome!”

“This product likely saved our puppy’s life.

We stumbled on this product AND we are SO HAPPY to report that the diarrhea has finally stopped after a few weeks on the pills. This stuff really works and we are so thankful to have found it!!

Has been a miracle for Severus

DoggyBiome S. boulardii + FOS powder has been a miracle for Severus and his IBD. It’s the one thing that has gotten him back on track and I couldn’t be happier.

Really Helps!

about DoggyBiome™ GMP
Janice 07/05/21

My senior pooch suffers from inflammatory bowel disease and part of his care is a carefully monitored diet and a lot of meds. Gut Maintenance +has really helped and having trained people to talk to has been an unexpected plus!

Go with your “gut” and get this!

Our vet recommended AnimalBiome for our dog who had zero good bacteria in her gut which led to chronic IBD. After 60 days of the Gut Restore, she has not had any GI distress, and we can tell she feels better based on her energy and behaviour. Never thought I’d be so excited about well formed stools, either! We are thrilled and so glad our Pixie girl is feeling better!

Wonderful Product

about DoggyBiome™ GMP
Charlene 05/01/22

My Rottweiler was having horribly bouts with diarrhea. The vet put her on antibiotics and it would clear up for a few weeks and then came back. I did not want her going on antibiotics anymore so we ran test and put her on the Gut Maintenance Plus and she has not had anymore issues. This product is wonderful.

“Worked Wonders For My Pup”

My poor pup has been on several rounds of antibiotics and was diagnosed with IBS about two years ago (no diarrhea – more constipated than anything) – He is only 3 yrs old! He has been on many different antibiotics and foods that he wouldn’t eat and the Internal medicine vet has had him on a daily dose of a compounded steroid and cerenia for nausea. His hair was getting thin and I was so frustrated – so I did some research and found the DoggyBiome and this wonderful company. After a poop analysis and 60 days on the Gut Restore, he is a new dude!! He is running and playing and being obnoxious like his brother. I have been able to cut back his steroid and the cerenia by half and hoping that we can get him completely off his meds. Nothing the vet tried has worked – this stuff really works – we have made no other changes and I love that he seems much happier, has more complete poops!!! Thank you!

“We tried this before another antibiotic.”

Our elderly shepherd was suffering from skin issues. We tried the gut restore that had helped our younger dog, instead of another round of new antibiotics. Just like our previous results, his coat became soft and petable and hair is growing back in areas he had bitten bare. We’re all happier.

“Noticeable improvement in diarrhea frequency/severity.

“My dog has had chronic diarrhea for years and would often wake me up in the middle of the night during the worst bouts to relieve itself. The fur cleanup was always a huge mess and I’m sure it was not doing any favours to my dog’s health. Since having her undergo a course of Gut Restore Supplement and Gut Maintenance treatment, followed by maintenance doses of the S. boulardii + FOS powder, she rarely has diarrhea and I’ve had zero awakenings in the middle of the night to toilet. These products were well worth the investment for my dog’s health and well-being in addition to my own quality of life caring for her.”

This is a wonderful company, and I am so thankful for them.

DoggyBiome’s fecal transplant capsules and microbiome test have been essential in helping my autoimmune pup with digestive issues to improve her health. This is a wonderful company, and I am so thankful for them.