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Since 2016 we have used advanced microbiome science to test, restore, and maintain the gut microbiome of tens of thousands of dogs. See how our tests, supplements, and maintenance products can help your dog!

Check out the 2022 State of the Gut™ Report
A one-of-a-kind report with findings from one of the largest pet microbiome health databases in the world and a survey of 4,000 pet parents in the U.S.
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An Imbalanced Gut May Be Causing Your Dog’s Symptoms.

Learn more about symptoms or start with an at-home DoggyBiome™ Gut Health Test.

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Bad Breath
Oral Health
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DoggyBiome GMP Gut Maintenance Plus, a probiotic and prebiotic for dog diarrhea
Address your dog’s symptoms now.

We’ll get the right products to you fast.

DoggyBiome Gut Health Test - Find out what's really going on inside your dog's digestive system.
Find out what’s going on in your dog’s gut.

Take a gut health test and get actionable insights. 

Restore and improve your dog's gut health with DoggyBiome supplements for dogs.
Restore your dog’s gut health.

Improve gut health with diet changes and supplements.

Help maintain a balanced, healthy gut with DoggyBiome daily gut health support supplements for dogs.
Maintain a balanced gut.

Stay symptom-free with daily gut health support.

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Tails Are Wagging for DoggyBiome

“Our sickly abandoned puppy has finally blossomed into a happy, healthy, energetic young pup…” – Sandy with Emmy 🐾
“Thanks to DoggyBiome, we no longer have to turn to antibiotics like metronidazole to stop the prolonged diarrhea because diarrhea is not a problem anymore.” — Vivian with Lucy 🐾
“If it wasn’t for DoggyBiome’s testing and products—it would be impossible to restore my dogs’ health. We’re so grateful… to DoggyBiome, we couldn’t do it without them.” — Patrick with Kya 🐾
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