Dog Products for Skin & Coat

An imbalanced gut may be causing your dog’s skin and coat symptoms, like itching, hair loss, hot spots, and conditions like atopic dermatitis.

Test Gut Health

Find Out What Could Be Causing Your Dog’s Skin & Coat Issues
DoggyBiome™ Gut Health Test

From $99.00

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Restore Gut Health

Restores Digestive Health & Helps Resolve Moderate to Severe Chronic Skin & Coat Symptoms
DoggyBiome™ Gut Restore Supplement

From $125.00

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Helps Resolve Occasional or Mild Skin & Coat Symptoms
DoggyBiome™ S. boulardii + FOS Powder


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Maintain Gut Health

Daily Maintenance for Skin & Coat Health
DoggyBiome™ Skin & Coat Shield Chews

From $35.00

Daily Maintenance for a Strong Immune System & Healthy Gut
DoggyBiome™ ImmuneShield™ with Epicor® Chews

From $35.00